Oversize Large Beach Towels by Coastal Passion



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Oversize Beach Towels by Coastal Passion

Huge, Oversized, Extra-Large, King Size, Supersized, Jumbo, Towel for Two

Call them what you want, these unique beach towels measure 73 inches by 55 inches, making them one of the largest beach towels on the market.

Coastal Passion supersized towels have many practical benefits. They have a suede-like feel that is soft on the skin, and as well as being lightweight and durable, they are super-absorbent, quick to dry, and have anti-microbial properties to protect against bacteria.

In addition to this, they are really easy to carry around because they fold up smaller and are much lighter than a traditional towel. They are also more durable and you can wash them in the washing machine as often as you like.

Coastal Passion's exclusive artist licensed designs are unique and these towels would be perfect for use on the beach, but you could also use them by the pool or when you go traveling or camping, for example, or for a picnic in the country.

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